Rubik’s cube revisited

Algorithms for solving the last yellow layer. Contender for my first tattoo.. Mostly for myself. The cube must be oriented correctly for each algorithm. 

1. Make a yellow cross: FRUR’U’F’.

2. Complete cross with correct edge pieces: RUR’URU2R’U

3. Position corner pieces at right place, though not completely right just yet: URU’L’UR’U’L. 

4. Orient corners correctly: R’D’RD.. U until all pieces are correct. 

Wemos new nodemcu 

Ordered a couple of these sweeties. Oled, button, led, battery pack included! 

Wemos® D1 Esp-Wroom-02 Motherboard ESP8266 Mini-WiFi NodeMCU Module ESP8266+18650 Battery+0.96 OLED

New blog hosted on Azure

Today I created a new blog hosted on Microsoft Azure! I’ve been thinking about this for several years. Today I pulled the plug on the old Binero homepage/hosting.

I googled “Azure wordpress” and found this super easy guide.

It feels great to finally have a blog up and running again where I can put 1. thoughts on projects 2. project updates 3. links to project resources 4. and so on.


Super bowl


Inatt var det Super bowl! New York Giants mot New England Patriots! Härlig match! Spännande in i slutsekunderna.

Laget jag hejade på vann! 🙂 (Giants)

Sköna Super bowl-reklamer:

Viasat Play funkade rätt bra.. förutom när vi missade 5-10 min i tredje quartern. Kunde unvikits om jag vetat om browser-versionen av spelaren.


Den 14 april blir det Filip och Fredrik show på Tonhallen i Sundsvall! 😀

Deras podcast som kommer ut på torsdagar är ju king.